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About What is Bitonic? The best Bitonic Review 2021

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Bitonic is an innovation in the crypto exchange industry today. It is also known as the renowned Bitcoin broker in the entire Netherland, especially in Amsterdam and Baarn, where they are headquartered. Bitonic first appeared in Spring 2012 as the company that focuses on providing the best platform for selling or purchasing Bitcoin in Europe. Their good reputation has resulted in successful selling, which is known that until today, they have already sold more than 400.000+ Bitcoins from their platform. In 2017, Bitonic launched their advanced Crypto exchange platform named BL3P, that success hit the Crypto market until today in 2021.
Exchange Review Bitonic
A good review must help its reader get the best and comprehended information to its reader. Hence, in this article, you will get the complete review regarded to the Crypto exchange platform that trending in the whole of Europe called Bitonic. You may have already read some articles or conversations that are talking about Bitonic. If you already know a bit about Bitonic, you will get the complete information about bitonic in this article. Not only that, but you will also get the myth-buster towards the issues that surrounding Bitonic out there.
To get the best platform to support your Crypto trading, the first step you can do is find the review or news that talk about that particular topic, such as this article. It is essential because it will help you to understand the fundamental insight about this topic. After that, you are good to go to find the best Crypto platform for your Crypto exchange activity. Here is the list of what a good Crypto trading platform should have, and luckily, all of the criteria are available on Bitonic:
Trading Feature and Fee
The feature is essential for the central aspect in finding the best Crypto trading platform. Most of the platforms are only provide the feature to sell or purchase the Cryptocurrencies only and no more point plus added upon their service. Not only that, the function of the exchange per se is sometimes not practical. In some cases, the exchange market's Crypto coin is considerably higher than its actual price in the market. It also happened if you want to sell your crypto coins. When you manage to sell yours, you may find out that the price suddenly drops and drive you to be frustrated. The platform is not providing clear pricing rules about it, and that is the real problem for the people who do not know about Cryptocurrency's market condition.
In Bitonic, anything is clear. You can see by yourself in Coinmarketcap that the price of Bitcoin in Bitonic is only experiencing the 0,60% mark-up. This price is considerably low compared with the other platform that sometimes charges its product with a 2% mark-up pricing.
Withdrawal Fees
The other thing that you may need to consider is the withdrawal fees. Normally, the withdrawal fees are always settled upon each Crypto exchange platform. Hence, each platform may have a different price over their withdrawal fees. The normal or the average withdrawal fees from the majority of Crypto exchange platforms is around 0.0008 per Bitcoin (BTC). Today, the trend has to indicate the lowering price of withdrawal fees that drop to 0,0005 per Bitcoin (BTC). Not only charged with the withdrawal fee-only, but you will also be charged with the network fee. The total amount of network fees is different from a platform to another. In Bitonic, you will only be charged for the network fee only. Then, what about the withdrawal fee? Well, you don't have to pay it since you will not be charged at all for the withdrawal.
Advantages of Bitonic
As it was mentioned above, Bitonic is the best Crypto exchange platform that gives you a lot of benefits from its innovation in services and market cap. The Bitcoin stock in Bitonic per se is never running out. Once the stocks are almost empty, they will buy the new stocks for their market. Their service in transferring money can be considered as the best. Why? Because you can get your money immediately to your bank account once you have success to sell a Bitcoin. Here is the further detail that you can get from Bitonic:
Bitonic has a fast transfer policy in which Bitonic will do all of your transfer activities like transfer Bitcoin or fresh money in under an hour. To be more specific, all of the transfers took only 15 to 20 minutes long to send the Bitcoin or your money to your bank account.
If you want to send your bitcoin or buy it from the Bitonic market, you can do that in the simplest way. It means that you don't have to make some extra verification by sending your documents or doing anything else. All you have to do is follow the step and let Bitonic do the rest. 
On some platforms, the client may find their self is having a problem with the transaction. Some people get lesser coins than what they have paid or even the wrong Cryptos on their e-wallets. In Bitonic, you will never get that kind of problem. All of the information on the market is reliable, and you will receive what you have purchased like your expectation.
Disadvantages of Bitonic
To make it fair and square, we will not talk about the positive side of Bitonic, but we will also talk about the negative things that you can find in Bitonic. Here is the detail: 
The benefits offered by Bitonic are quite impressive. You can get the fast transfer, reliable platform, and low-fees on over their services. The problem is you cannot access Bitonic if you are not a European or at least living in Europe. In the future, perhaps Bitonic will broaden its service area, but it is still uncertain, at least until today.
Since Bitonic only serves the limited scope of Europe, the fiat currency that they accept is only Euro. If you manage to buy some Bitcoin in Bitonic, you have to change your money to Europe first.

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