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Here is the latest airtel trick free internet to get 2 gb of 3G data. Follow the steps given below:-

1) You will need Moto e first gen android phone and 2 airtel sim cards.
2) If you are not having moto e then use it’s build prop file (for advanced users only).
3) So, I am assuming that you are having a moto e phone. Now insert your first airtel sim card in sim slot 1 and turn on mobile data. Visit this link and click on ‘activate 1gb data for 2 months’ offer. You will get 500 MB of 3G data per month for 2 months.
4) Follow similar process with another sim card and sim slot 2.
5) So, in total you will get 2 gb data for 2 months using this 3g trick.

Airtel Offering free data Three Packs Under Truly Unlimited Packs

The plans are priced at Rs. 698, Rs. 1,498, and Rs. 2,498. The Rs. 698 is offering 2GB data per day for 84 days. It ship free hello tunes and premium content for Android Extreme Application

 The country remains an integral part of the British Commonwealth and has strong cultural and economic ties with the United Kingdom. In this part of the world, apple, sheep, kiwi, olive, and vineyards are popular sites, and the landscapes create a peaceful atmosphere in the English countryside. New Zealand has three main cities. Auckland, on the North Island, has a population of approximately one million. Wellington is located on the North Island, which is the nation’s capital and is located across the Strait of Cook on the South Island, in Christchurch, the country’s largest city. With a population of 300,000, it is famous for resembling an English town decorated with elegant stone buildings, extensive green gardens and a beautiful river that runs through the city’s central shopping district.If your supporting documents (i.e. diplomas, certifications, etc.) are not in French or English, you must hire an authorized translator and provide a translation unlike in canada relocating from Nigeria to Canada.You must include several photographs and the rules are quite specific (yes, Canadians are weird with passport pictures!). Depending where you live, it adds up. In Canada, it cost about $14 for two pics — not cheap if you immigrate as a family!You may need to have your foreign degrees recognized in Canadian immigration . This is called a credential evaluation only designated organizations such as World Education Services can perform the assessment. The recommended ECA evaluation is $220.If English or French isn’t the official language in your country of citizenship, you will have to have your language abilities tested. This is one of the six selection factors for skilled workers. The language proficiency test must be administered by an approved organization, for example IELTS (around $320) and CELPIP ($265) for English, or the TEF for French ($440).A medical exam is mandatory for each applicant and their dependents (spouse, children) and it must be performed by a panel physician. Two fees must be paid — the exam fee and the X-ray fee. Fees vary greatly so ask around. In 2005, I paid $100 for the medical exam and $100 for the X-ray in an Ottawa clinic.
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