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The hills of Sarrabus and come across the flat coastline at Cala Sinzias, which widens into a small lowland plain seen with hills
near the coast, will rub their eyes: at the foot of Monte Macioni, a glowing white strip of beach with a wide, turquoise and
emerald green radiant rug lights up, which stretches in a gentle curve above three km to Sant'Elmo, exceptionally flanked by
cactus hedges, mastic bushes, dwarf palms, lavender and olive trees. The area has remained extremely sparsely inhabited and
natural until now. It was just gradually discovered by tourism in the late 70s and until then served as a summer resort,
particularly for the people of Castiadas, 8 kilometers inland. The bay of Cala Sinzias is recognized by the Italian Environmental
Protection Association as one of the clearest and most unspoiled coastal areas in Italy. No surprise that the rocky reefs at the
ends of the bay are an El Dorado for both snorkelers and divers. Another highlight of the bay are the beach pubs, which together
with everything your heart desires make this beach a health oasis for old and young.

Piazza with its stalls as well as the typical Italian flair of"allowing Both the long fine "Cala Sinzias" is enclosed between two
headlands and is guarded with a thick pine forest. It is quite close to the middle of Costa Rei: a charming tourist centre,
located on a stretch of fine white sand that looks endless, caressed by the sea with its beguiling shades of colour, from
turquoise green to dark blue. 10 kilometers of magnificent shore, which can be an perfect destination for any sort of holiday
because of its shallow waters and the fantastic selection of tourist services available, such as quality hotels and restaurants.

Beautiful sandy beaches, mostly complimentary: from Capo Ferrato from the North into Sant'Elmo and Cala Sinzias in the South, with
a length of more than 10 km there is space for everybody, even in high season. One of the most famous beaches: Punta Molentis and
Cala Proceddus; Cala Pira, protected with a Spanish tower; the white sandy beach of Cala Sinzias; Sant'Elmo and Santa Giusta, with
its famous Scoglio di Peppino.

People who come from Looking for more peace and quiet during their holidays, however, will be delighted to rent one of the homes
with ocean view, that are located around the - still beach-near - elevations of Monte Nai and mostly have a fabulous panorama of
the scenic coast. The best way to the center of the Costa Rei is also easily done on foot from here.

Yourself go" will lure you, before the peace of the largely Formations of Sant Elmo, with small, enticing sand and rock coves that
extend for a couple hundred meters against the background of a slightly higher selection of hills covered with thick maquis, may
be explored along winding trails and picturesquely indicate the southern beginning of this Costa Rei. The ocean spreads out as
soon as the coast turns from rock to white sand - such as a turquoise, fluid carpet that only finishes at the horizon. While the
shallow shore areas are particularly child-friendly, the rocky regions nearby Sant' Elmo and especially the reefs in the southern
end of Cala Sinzias are worthwhile for lengthy diving or snorkeling tours, which are rewarded with a rich underwater flora and

The King's Coast is Due to the length of Discover different beaches in the area: for example, further north, from Capo Ferrato
into Porto Corallo there is another sandy shore, almost 10 kilometers long.

Year, the beaches are very crowded and there aren't kite lanes. Because of this, it isn't necessarily possible to kitesurf.

Variations of the shore visits, enormous effects can be accomplished on this coastal strip, which will be open to the east. Early
in the morning before the sun rises from the sea, for example, when a fluorescent seam of delicate orange and pink tones sharply
divides skies and sea for a few moments, perhaps with a refreshing leap into the water before along with a warm, creamy cappuccino
plus brioche at a bar shortly afterwards. Or in the evening, sitting on a dune at dusk at the odor of booming beach lilies, bare
feet in the warm sand and on your hands an ice-cold mirto (Sardinian myrtle liqueur), which makes the pastel-colored potpourri
between blue and purple, which divides the horizon between sky and water, even tastier... There is no greater way!

If you would like to We also propose to Reiin a fertile agricultural region, is the Penal Colony of Castiadas, once destined to
the reclamation of marshy areas as a result of the work of prisoners, now a cultural centre and museum open to visits.

Sloping shore, which is totally suitable for children, small, personal residential places are established. Each has its own charm
and of course contrasts with the strict building regulations on the staircase. If you're interested in finding the proximity to
the beach, you'll find your place in one of the vacation homes directly at the sea. Especially families with small children are
attracted by this blend of village and beach proximity.

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