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Celebes - Skin Care for Oily Face

Celebes - Healthy and radiant skin is a natural beauty mirror that some women continue to crave, including those with oily skin. Oily skin problems can be felt by everyone at any age. Really, doing oily skin care requires special attention and care so as not to cause problems on the face.

https://www.celebes.org - The condition of oily skin comes from the oil glands (sebaceous) which are so active on the surface of the skin that they produce excessive sebum or oil. Sebum is an oily substance derived from body fat.

Celebes - Even though it is useful for moisturizing the skin, if the oil content in your body is so high, of course it can make pores blocked and cause acne to appear. Excessive oil production can also make pores enlarged and cause various skin problems such as dull and shiny skin, blackheads, and other spots that can destroy performance.

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