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About Microsoft Office Applications


In this Windows 10 blog post we explain the entire procedure of getting the Microsoft Office applications from the Windows Store onto devices with Windows 10 S. We will also provide steps to remove one or more applications from the device as well. www.office.com/setup get without office product key 


Windows 10 S is similar to Windows 10 Pro. Both have only a few notable differences. In particular, Windows 10S is compatible with devices such as Surface Laptop, which are limited to applications from the official Windows Store. Therefore, the user cannot simply get the Microsoft Office setup from the Internet.


The company now offers the full (Win32) desktop versions of Office programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and Publisher in the official Windows Store for devices with Windows 10 S.


How can you install MS Office applications on Windows 10 S?

The process of installing Microsoft Office apps on the Windows 10 S device is simple. This can be done using the Microsoft user account associated with an active Microsoft Office 365 subscription.


Note: The Windows Store has a preview version of Microsoft Office for Surface Laptops users. When this preview is over, users will be able to purchase the Office applications from various platforms such as Windows Store, Microsoft Store, websites like office.com/setup, and other vendors for the various devices running Windows 10 S.


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The steps to install Office apps on devices running Windows 10 S are below:


Click on Start
Go to the list of applications. Find and click the Microsoft Office application that you want to work on. For example, click Microsoft PowerPoint.
You will be redirected to a page in the Windows Store. Click the Install button on this page.
Start any applications you just installed from the Office product window.
Finally, click Got It! office.com/setup find office product key for free


How to remove MS Office apps on Windows 10 S?

If you don't have a subscription to Microsoft Office 365, or if the applications are not working properly and you need to reinstall the apps, you can uninstall the applications either individually or as a group. Here are the steps to do it.


Uninstall a Microsoft Office application

Go to start.
Click Apps and find the application you want to uninstall.
Now click with the right mouse button on this application and then on Uninstall.
Press the Uninstall option to confirm.


Uninstall all Microsoft Office apps

Go to Settings.
Now click on Apps.
Then go to Apps & Features.
Click Microsoft Office Desktop Apps.
Select the Uninstall option.
Press the Uninstall button to confirm.

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Further information

You can get the applications with Office 365, Home, Personal, Education E5 and Education Plus. For users without a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, the company adds a year of Office 365 Personal subscription when a new Surface laptop is purchased. This subscription include programs such as Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook.


Initially, only preview versions of Microsoft Office apps are available in the Windows Store, as the new installation and update process is still being tested. Therefore, certain unexpected errors can occur in the first few days. www.office.com/setup


Although a full suite of Microsoft Office is provided, there are some shortcomings with applications provided in the Windows Store. Users can only install the 32-bit version, COM add-ins are not supported, and OneNote for the desktop is not covered.


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