North Fork Malbec – sustainable fruit


Additional Info

RegionLong Island
StateNew York
CountryUnited States

A few premium blocks are available on a first come first serve basis. (These are sold as block contracts and exact tonnage is dependent on the vintage, 13-year historical average shown below).

Everything is FOB the vineyard in bins provided by the purchasing winery.

Reserve Merlot ($2900) A1 – 5.6 tons expected

Chardonnay ($2900) A2 – 3 tons expected*

Chardonnay ($2900) D3 – 1.2 tons expected*

Cabernet Sauvignon ($2900) A3 – 2 tons expected*

Cabernet Sauvignon ($2900) RG1 – 10 tons expected* – willing to split in half

Bulk Merlot ($2500) C1-C2 – available by the ton

Malbec ($2900) B2 historically farmed for rose – 5.5 tons expected

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September 11, 2023 11:06 am

8 days, 6 hours

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