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Due to enlargement of the prostate gland and complications related to it in middle age, cancer can also occur, if the condition worsens. Prostate cancer ranks only second among different types of cancers in men. According to urologists, it is possible to prevent prostate issues with the right lifestyle and food.

Lower your dairy products intake

Dairy products make the symptoms of frequent due to overactive bladder worse. Why? Because Increased Vitamin K concentration in milk products causes a subsequent increase in urinary volume. Curtailing dairy products, hence, can lower the risks of prostate obstruction due to bladder problem and even kidney infections.

It is best not to avoid or better, limit, fat-containing food, especially the one containing dairy products. Dairy product foods can also cause prostate cancer as well as heart-related diseases.

Regular workout in routine

Make a habit of doing regular exercise. Do not eat food for the taste of tongue but your health. Avoid carnivores as excessive intake of red meat can be harmful to the prostate.

Do not consume alcohol or beer
One should not drink too much tea and coffee as it causes dehydration and accumulation of toxic substances in the bladder.

Limit excess salt intake

Experts advise to stay away from high salt foods as well as avoid the tendency to add salt to cooked food. It is prudent to choose foods rich in omega-three fatty acids, which are abundant in dried fruits. Stay away from chips, eggroll, Franchisefry etc. The habit of eating daily sweets should also avoid.

Drink more water to flush out toxins

At least 3-4 litres of water should be consumed every day so that the toxins present in the body released quickly through the urine. Increased intake of water not only makes the urine less concentrated and easy5 to pass urine but also removes toxins.

Kegel exercises control the frequent urge to urinate
Kegel exercises strengthen pelvic muscles thus preventing excessive urination. The exercises strengthen bladder muscles, therefore, controlling frequent urination at night. Kegel workouts ensure emptying of the bladder, one of the reasons, for the constant urge to pee, especially, at night.

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