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About cooperative society


A multi state cooperative society is registered from the center i.e. Delhi. The co-agent castes, with short articles not kept to one state and serving the pastimes of parts in more than one state for social and monetary renovation of its parts with self improvement and typical help as per the co-agent requirements are acknowledged as Multi State Cooperative Societies.

Kinds of multi state cooperative societies and requirements: -

A multi state cooperative society is of various types- Credit, Housing, Farming, Transportation, Hospital, Sugar, Stores, Fishery, Handloom, Labor, Customer and Multi Purpose Co-operative Society. The basic formalities for forming this society is to arrange a minimum of 50 members from 2 states each. There can be even more than 50 members too however each additional state needs a minimum of 50 members from that state. These first fifty members are ordinary members who have voting right and to whom shares are allotted. The 2nd classification of members are nominal members to whom shares are not allotted, who do not have ballot right and who never ever participate in any of the general body conferences.

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