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Sometimes, the established document may have an option at the top of it. This preference which is reading as ‘Enable Editing’ allows you to edit them instantly. When a consumer clicks on this selection, he can easily edit it. But, sometimes, you may not see this option. In this situation, you require to decrypt it or unprotect it. So, in this blog, we are going to learn about how to unprotect an ms word document 2010 and 2016. office.com/setup


You receive a MS Word document and what you see is that it is in ‘Read-Only’ format and you are unable to edit it. This is done by the sender in an attempt to restrict the receiver from unauthorized editing of the word document. However, you can simply decrypt it in order to access it entirely. The ‘Protected View’ is a method in which nobody is allowed to edit it. www.office.com/setup


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Steps to Unprotect a MS Word Document 2010 in Windows

If you desire to open all your documents in full editing mode in MS Word 2010, then you may follow the steps given below:

To initiate the process, you need to launch the Word document which you wish to unprotect.
After this, click on its ‘File’ tab present at the upper-left corner of the word doc.
After this, choose the ‘Options’ option.
Next up, click on the ‘Trust Center’ selection present in the left pane.
After this, you need to select ‘Trust Center settings’.
Now, it’s time to choose the ‘Protected View’ option.
Here you will see 3 options against which tick-marks are present.
Uncheck all these options to unprotect the word document.
When you are complete, click on the ‘OK’ button.

If you know the password to decrypt the word document, it is the same as encrypting it. However, the procedure to decrypt it is quite different. Next up, we will discuss the procedure to unprotect a MS Word 2016 document. www office com setup

How to Unprotect a Microsoft Word Document 2016 in Windows?

To decrypt a MS Word document, follow the simple steps given below:


The first thing you require to do is open the MS Word doc you wish to decrypt.
After that, you require to enter the correct password you received for decrypting it.
Now, go to the ‘File’ tab present at the top-left corner.
After this, click on the ‘Info’ option.
Then, select the ‘Protect Document’ option.
This will be followed by ‘Encrypt with Password’.
Next, leave the password blank clear and hit ‘Ok’.
Open the similar document again and you won’t be asked to enter the password.

Steps to Decrypt a Document in MS Word 2016 on Mac

Open your MS Word document on Mac.
After this, click on the ‘Review’ option.
Click on the ‘Protect Document’ option.
Further, go to the ‘Security’ tab.
Here, select and clear the ‘Password to open’ field.
Do the similar with the ‘Password to Modify’ option.
Save the settings you have made.


Steps to Unprotect a Document in Microsoft Word 2010 on Mac

First, you require to open the document you wish to decrypt.
Now, move to the Word menu.
Further, select the ‘Preferences’ option.
Choose the ‘security’ button present under ‘Personal Settings’.
Here, you require to delete the content present in the ‘password to open’ field.
Do the same with the ‘Password to modify’ box.

After making all the settings, you should not forget to save the settings. If you do not keep the settings you have made, you will lose them and require repeating the whole process again. www.office.com/setup


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